Plant Spirit Medicine Workshop

An experiential 3 days workshop introducing participants to engage the plant spirit world for healing and knowledge. No prerequisite is required.

“Since nothing is so secret and hidden that it cannot be revealed, everything depends on the discovery of those things that manifests the hidden…He who wishes to explore Nature must tread her book with his feet” -Paracelsus

“…I assert that if they cut down the trees and burn what’s left of the rainforests, it is the same as to burn down a whole library without reading the books.” -Pablo C. Amaringo, Peruvian curandero

About the Workshop:
With increasing speed, our world is sadly polarizing away from nature, especially from the plant world – the very essence and basis of our physical existence. Plants are instrumental in human evolution not only by providing food, shelter and medicine but our spiritual experiences and the development of our consciousness. In this intensive experiential course, we will explore the many ways shamans engage our green world for healing, guidance and wisdom. The beauty and grace of plants are astonishing, and the loving kindness emanating from them is truly inspiring. You will leave this weekend with new tools for better health and a more joyful life.

Workshop is limited, please register early

Participants will be introduced to:

  • Plant spirit allies
  • Communicating with living plants
  • Food plants as medicine
  • Working with herbs and trees
  • Rituals and ceremonies
  • Spirits of soil and land
  • Spirits of nature and health
  • Flower essences

Ferintosh, Alberta
July 7-9, 2017
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9-5
Presented by Gizelle Rhyon Berry
Sponsored by Grass Roots Family Farm
Fee: $450.00

About the Teacher:
Gizelle’s grandmother, a village herbalist in her native Hungary, inspired her love for the plant world. This inspiration was the beginning of a dedicated and passionate reverence to the wise teachings of both the natural and non-ordinary worlds, guiding Gizelle to live a rich and colourful life. Nothing gives her more joy than sharing with others the knowledge such wise beings so willingly bestow. She has recently retired from The Foundation for Shamanic Studies and continues to teach her own workshops in Western Canada.

To register please contact
Takota Coen:
Phone: 780-781-5929

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