Become a Practitioner/Introduction to Shamanism – (cross cultural traditions –  prepared by Gizelle Rhyon-Berry)

Long before human civilization emerged, our tribal ancestors mastered abilities to probe beyond ordinary consciousness and discovered methods to bridge the gap between the human mind and spirit. There is a resurgence of interest today in the ancient ways of the shamans who explore mystical states of consciousness to find solutions to problems. Increasing number of westerners are learning to use the many thousand years tested methods to access alternate dimensions of reality in order to make contact with sources of wisdom and power

Founded on cross-cultural shamanic traditions, in this experiential weekend workshop participants will be introduced to the classic shamanic journey to other worlds and contact spirit helpers for advice, and for healing self and others. Upon completion, participants will be able to engage spirit power for personal guidance, offer spirit advice (divination) for others, bring power back to another person and install guardian spirits to homes and offices.

This workshop is the foundation for more advanced shamanic training offered by the instructors.

Date: May 27/28, 2017 also Sept. 23/24 2017

Time: 9:00 am

Place: Telfordville Community Hall

Instructor’s Name; Gizelle Rhyon-Berry

Sponsored by Wolf’s Breath Shamanism Edmonton

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We do not offer psychoactive substances or tonics. .

Instuctor – Gizelle Rhyon-Berry

Gizelle has recently retired from The Foundation for Shamanic Studies where she worked as a research associate and senior teaching faculty member for 25 years. Based on her extensive knowledge in classic shamanism she created her own workshops and now offering them in Western Canada including the Plant Spirit Medicine. Her passion for teaching is evident in her style, expressed with common sense simplicity and lighthearted humour.

Gizelle is a passionate nature lover and gardener living a simple life on the West Coast of BC. She and her daughter produce most of their green food; attend to hundreds of wild and domesticated medicinal and food plants including many at risk of extinction in their wilderness habitat.

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