About Us

Wolf’s Breath Shamanism is a site dedicated to training and providing Spiritual Healing. We are all Mind, Body and Spirit and true healing happens when they are in balance.

Brian Robert Sherrington is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and uses Shamanic Healing in his clinic. Brian’s Shamanic training has been under the direction of Gizelle Rhyon-Berry.

Brian began his spiritual healing journey in 2009 when he attended his first shamanic training session. Since then, has used it regularly to help his clients.

If you are dealing with past abuse, low confidence, unhealthy behaviours, etc. Then Brian just might be the person to help you.

Brian is a mature therapist who has been married since 1976. Brian comes from a lineage of Algonquin/Huron descent. He is a successful business man and has raised three children. Brian is motivated by his desire to help other people with the difficulties in their life.