For thousands of years, tribal shamans used unchanged shamanic practices to support and protect their societies. Gizelle Rhyon-Berry’s years of personal research into these original shamanic practices guided her in developing her workshop teachings. Gizelle’s commitment is to bring the most original shamanic teachings to her students as possible. Gizelle’s teachings are cross cultural. That is, they are methods that are used commonly by a variety of shamans from various cultures.WOLF’S BREATH SHAMANISM hosts events and workshops based on Gizelle’s teachings


Shamanism has been practice since the dawn of modern man and has even been touted as one of the things that allowed mankind to succeed over the millennia. Ancient shamanic healing techniques have been passed down for thousands of years. Today, shamans continue to heal through shamanic methods and practices.

Shamanism is the process of connecting with the Spirit World. This connection allows the shamanic practitioner to bring healing, guidance and balance to places where there is sickness, darkness and spiritual imbalance. Private Sessions Available 

Events & Training Workshops

The decision to seek spiritual growth and development is confirmation of a longing inside that often surfaces from within. If you are curious about shamanism and energy medicine this is the place for you.

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Did you know?

SHAMANISM is the most ancient spiritual practice known to humankind, dating back tens of thousands of years.

SHAMANISM is a relevant, powerful practice because it brings balance to where there is imbalance.

SHAMANIC HEALING addresses the spiritual aspect of psychological and physical illness. 

All of the workshops below are based on cross-cultural shamanic traditions.

Introduction to Shamanism

(Cross-Cultural Traditions) 2 days. Pre requisite to all advanced workshops.  I accept the FSS basic workshop if you have taken it from me only. No other workshop or FSS faculty teaching is credited. No exceptions. Advanced 2 days or more.

Plant Spirit Medicine

(Possible location 2017 Ferintosh (near Edmonton). 3 days.

Healing Drum, Singing Drum

(Drum making and using the drum for healing self and others.) 2 days

The Healing Power of Nature

(Healing and Divining using powers and the wisdom of nature) 2 days

Life as a Creative Process

(Looking at your life as each moment unfolding your full potential) 2 days

Healing Words, Healing Stories

(Exploring the power inherent in every word we utter and every story we tell.) 2 days

Healing the Fragmented Soul

Highly advanced – 5 days

Shamanism as Spiritual Path

In preparation – 5 days